School Closings: Weather


      • During adverse weather conditions, district officials will assess the weather conditions and the impact of that weather on the safety of students and staff.

        The announcement will be made in the following ways:

        • On the district and campus websites
        • Automated notification by phone, text, and email to parents and staff
        • District Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
        • Local television stations including:
          • ABC DFW (Channel 8)
          • CBS DFW (Channel 11)
          • Fox DFW (Channel 4)
          • NBC DFW/Telemundo (Channels 5 and 39)

        NOTE: Media outlets typically only inform viewers and listeners of those school districts that are either starting late or canceling school.

        If no information is given, all TBP campuses will start at the regular time on a regular schedule.


      • TBP understands that many parents work outside of the home, and it can be difficult to make arrangements for childcare. We also understand that it is difficult to reschedule events, practices, and make up lost time in the classroom.

        Thus, when TBP campuses face a threat of inclement weather, numerous factors are considered when making a decision to delay or cancel classes, including:

        • the safety of students, staff, and parents;
        • the safe transportation of students to school and back home; and
        • the disruptions caused in the home, the classroom, and for after-school activities.

      Make-Up Days

      • TBP's Academic Calendar reserves a few Bad Weather Make-up Days. Check the school calendar for these specified days. If no school days are lost due to bad weather, these Bad Weather Make-Up Days will be used as school holidays.