Security RFP


We have added an additional location to the RFP located at 2524 West Ledbetter Dr. Dallas, TX 75237 referred to as “Ledbetter Campus”. Please see the “Campus Diagrams” section for a map of the location. We have revised the ***Requested Additional Items*** section to include 7 access control panels at the Ewing Campus.


Do you have an inventory of doors that will be in the access control system?

Please click below for a download of our door inventory by site.

How many users need to be in the burglar system?

375 at minimum to match current staffing levels.

What Region does Trinity Basin Preparatory fall under?

Due to us having school locations in both Fort Worth and Dallas – we are members of Region 10 and Region 11.

Do you accept alternative/equivalent specification bids?


What bandwidth does each site have?

A minimum of 200Mbps is at each site up to a maximum of 1Gbps.

Can I have a copy of the network topology map?

The map will be provided upon request.

Will granular security to sections of cameras at each site be required or will one security group per site work?

Anyone with access to our camera system will be allowed to view all cameras and playback at their location.

Are there drawings for each site location?

Yes – please see the Campus Diagrams tab located at

Is the reader count per site to determine the proper size access panels needed?

The reader count per site is meant to provide a quantity to order in the event current access control panels need to be replaced to work with the new system we select.

How many main entry points are there per site for the remote releases?

There are 1 set of double doors at each site that have remote releases. In each case these are the primary “front” entrances.

Will one main master access controller be acceptable or is a master controller needed per site?

One controller or multiple controllers are acceptable so long as the entire district’s system can be managed from one interface (Ex. Adjust permissions to all 6 sites from a single login to a web page or a single application from a server).

Is all the field locking hardware, door contacts, REX motions, and power supplies going to be reused?

As much as possible.

What is the Type, Style, Model of the existing readers?

They are keypad only - HID iCLASS SE readers.

How many access/keypads are needed per site?

Please reference the section ***Requested Additional Items*** on page 6 for our details regarding addition access control panels. If the proposed system will not work with our existing equipment please reference the quantities found under ***Current Hardware*** on Page 4 for replacement quantities.

Are all the sites connected via network?


Are the large entry/exit gates going to be part of the access control or stand-alone?

Trinity Basin would prefer these gates be a part of the access control system. We will accept proposals that have these as standalones.

Will it be the responsibility of the contractor to enter all the card holders?

This is not a requirement.

Are there any elevators controlled by the existing access control?

There are elevators at the Jefferson and Pafford Campuses but neither are protected with access control.

Are the Entry/Exit gates existing?


Who is responsible for the PoE switches?

Trinity Basin Preparatory’s Technology Department

Are there site drawings per site for the CCTV locations?

Those are not available at this time.

Will one primary video server be accepted or will each site be stand alone?

One primary video server is acceptable and so are stand alone solutions. The system must be accessible from a single interface (Ex. Adjust permissions to all 6 sites from a single login to a web page or a single application from a server).

Will client workstation be required per site, if so how many?


Is there a site drawing for intrusion?


How many intrusion zones are there per site?

We are unsure. We invite you to schedule a walkthrough with our team to review this and would like vendor proposals on where and how many zones we should have at each location.

How many keypads are there per site?

Please reference the section ***Current Hardware*** found on Page 4.

Will intrusion panels require a cellular dialer or use an existing analog line for dial out?

Cellular dialer is strongly preferred.

Can work be done during weekday daytime hours?

This depends on the nature of the work. Large crews, equipment in hallways/classrooms, and work requiring loud tools will not be allowed during M-F daytime hours to prevent any classroom disruption. External work or small (1 to 2) crews working in server rooms/closets is acceptable during daytime hours M-F. M-F daytime work is allowed during periods where the school is closed (Ex. The school is closed for one week for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, etc..)

Is any existing equipment on a lease?

Our Jefferson Campus (855 E. 8th St) has all equipment currently on a lease with a dollar buyout of $10,129.65.