November 2017



Allie Hornsby

4th Grade Classroom Teacher

Ms. Hornsby has demonstrated perseverance and grit throughout the year. She has been very accepting of all feedback and has made changes as needed. She is always willing to learn to be the best for her kids. Ewing students are her number one priority which is evident in her actions in the classroom and on campus. Despite being a new teacher and new to TBP, she has stepped up to coach a soccer team and help with Girls on the Run! Our 4th graders are lucky to have such a committed educator!



Diana Vasquez

Student Support

Diana brightens everyone’s day with her optimism and efficiency. She juggles multiple responsibilities, including translating parent letters and phone calls, contacting high schools for our 8th grade students, and helping make copies of CBAs and she does all of this with a genuine smile on her face. Her work ethic and kindness are an example for us all to follow.

Congrats Diana!



Angie Tieman

RTI Interventionist

Mrs. Tieman helped organize our Literacy Night which was a huge success! She is always willing to volunteer to help when needed and asked. She is always going the extra mile for the students and staff members at Jefferson. Mrs. Tieman is someone we all can count on in any situation and she the go to teacher on the Jefferson Campus.



Daniel Dixon

Campus Counselor

Mr. Dixon has gone above and beyond with bringing community involvement to the campus and has provided valuable resources to our families. He has done an excellent job with organizing and setting up the Travis Frederick Food Pantry. He has also been the forefront of communicating with the media and Fox 4 Sports. He is flexible and open with teachers and staff, as well as building a positive rapport with our students and families. He promotes college and career readiness, provides character building and problem-solving strategies to all our students.


10th Street

Shiniqual Love

Pre-K4 Classroom Teacher

Ms. Love is a very dedicated teacher who goes above and beyond organizing activities for the school. She helped organize Literacy Night which was a huge success.  Her passion is for all students to succeed not just the ones in her classroom. She is a very innovative teacher, implementing out of the box ideas in her class. Her teaching style creates a love for learning and builds a strong relationship with her students and their families.



Central Administration

Trey Garbers

 Help Desk Manager

Mr. Garbers always has a great attitude and is always available to help wherever he is needed.  All the teachers, staff, and students enjoy his presence on campus.  Trey has established great rapport with all the staff members and it the ultimate team player.  Trey is friendly, kind, hard-working, and quite the comedian.  He will greet you with a smile on his face and you can always hear him whistling around the office sometimes only running on coffee all day.  Congrats Trey!

Manolo Munoz