October 2017



Jesus Lara


Mr. Lara has only been at Ewing for a month or so, but he has made his presence known! He never
stops working, and takes great pride in the cleanliness of our school! Our campus looks the
best it has in a long time! He is always happy to help, and always has a positive attitude.



Brittany French

3rd Grade Classroom Teacher

Mrs. French goes above and beyond for the needs of her students. She utilizes data to drive her instruction. She is always willing to lend a helping hand – to colleagues and other staff. She creates a welcoming environment where students strive. She is innovative, helpful, and has a heart for kids. Her students know she has their back no matter where they go – lunch room, playground, and classroom. She teaches her heart out and is always on the lookout for ways to better serve her students.



Melisssa Peterson-Williams

5th Grade Math Teacher

Ms. Peterson-Williams is a fantastic teacher and teammate. She puts so much thought, logic, and understanding into every aspect of her teaching. Melissa is always willing to assist a teacher and her student expectations are crystal clear. She keeps the whole team in the loop and spearheads all tasks. Ms. Peterson-Williams is the type of teacher every educator strives to become.



Michelle Alvarado

3rd Grade Classroom Teacher

Ms. Alvarado is a 3rd grade teacher at Trinity Basin Preparatory - Panola School. Her students and parentslove her. She is not only dedicated to her students, but to Panola as well. She’s at work early in the mornings, late in the evenings, and on Saturday mornings to prepare for the upcoming weeks. Ms. Alvarado is an over-comer, a problem-solver, an innovator, and a dynamic member of our Panola team. Her enthusiasm, love, and passion for teaching is evident each day.


10th Street

Tencha Stone

4th Grade Classroom Teacher

Ms. Tencha Stone will represent 10th street this month! Ms. Stone is a dedicated 4th grade teacher
who goes over and beyond each day. She volunteers to tutor before and after school and supports new teammates by collaborating with them on lesson plans and daily activities. We are so thankful for all she does for our Titan Family!



Central Administration

Kara Van Dine

 Compliance Manager

Kara is always willing to help anywhere she can. Even though she has a lot on her plate with her own duties, she never says no when someone asks for help. She is normally the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. She even comes in on Saturday and Sundays! She is an extremely hard worker and a true team player. She keeps her department on their toes, welcomes change and input, and leads by example. Kara has shown what it is to be a true Titan!

Manolo Munoz