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The mission of the Trinity Basin Preparatory Counseling Department is to provide a safe, inclusive, and positive learning environment that focuses on supporting the holistic needs of students and their families.

Our school counselors are licensed professionals with a Master’s Degree in Counseling who specialize in mental health, social and emotional learning, and academic guidance. We remain committed to the individual growth of every student in our district and help our Titans realize their full potential.

The Trinity Basin Preparatory Counseling Department Vision Statement is to transform school culture and climate, promote high scholastic and moral gauges, impact student achievement and unlock the full potential of students and staff. Our charge is creating a healthy learning environment that is safe, conducive to the learning needs of all, and advances mental health awareness.

Meet our Counselors

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Rhonda Anderson

Counselor A
TBP: Bolt, TBP: Bolt Faculty & Staff

Amanda Andrews

Counselor Intern
HPA: West

Deana Deloatche

Counselor A
TBP: Ewing, TBP: Ewing Faculty & Staff

Alexandria Flores

Counselor A

Jenice Garza

HS Counselor
HPA: Upper, HPA: Upper Faculty & Staff

Kimberly Hoag

Counselor A
TBP: Grand Prairie, TBP: Grand Prairie Faculty & Staff

Astacia Jones

Counselor A
TBP: Panola

Kimberly Kirsch

Counselor A
TBP: Panola, TBP: Panola Faculty & Staff

Equalna Loyd

Counselor A
TBP: Bolt

Magaly Martinez

Counselor Intern
TBP: Pafford

Erica Myers

Counselor A
TBP: 10th Street

Sara Powell

Counselor A
TBP: Jefferson, TBP: Jefferson Faculty & Staff

Sarah Powell


Olivia Rutledge

Counselor A
TBP: Pafford, TBP: Pafford Faculty & Staff

Crisanta Searway

Counselor A
HPA: South
1 2 > showing 1 - 15 of 20 constituents