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Safe & Supportive Schools Program

A safe and secure learning environment for Trinity Basin Preparatory students and staff is among our highest priorities as a district.

In 2019, the 86th Texas Legislature passed SB 11, requiring school districts to establish a Safe and Supportive Schools Program (SSSP) to oversee school safety and mental health policies, procedures, and measures. Texas Education Code 37.115 guides how districts should approach the development of a Safe and Supportive Schools Program.

  • The SSSP is a comprehensive approach to school safety driven by six primary functions, with an overarching goal to achieve both physical and psychological safety for all persons in the learning environment.
  • Requires each school district and campus to establish SSSP teams.
  • Requires each school district to integrate trauma-informed care practices on all campuses.
  • Requires a school district to have threat assessment teams.

Six Primary Functions of the SSSP