C1 WAN 2018-2019



Is there a diagram for the requested topology?

Yes. Please see the “Network Topology - Desired” attachment located under each of the C1 RFP’s at https://www.trinitybasin.com/rfp.

Is TBP currently under contract with Charter for IA and WAN until 2020?

TBP has existing IA and WAN connections under contract with Spectrum/Charter until 2020. TBP is seeking responses for new connections to meet additional bandwidth needs of the increasing student population.

Will the conference include a walkthrough of the facilities to physically see the environment?

Yes. The conference will begin at our admin offices to review RFP’s, address the bulk of Q&A, and review existing supporting documents (e.g. network topologies). After this all participants will be invited to tour any and all facilities listed in the RFP document with TBP’s IT staff. TBP’s staff will be available to walk all locations that day should any conference participants wish to see everything.

How long will the conference last?

This is largely dependent on participant involvement, the amount of questions, and how many campuses are physically walked. The opening meeting at our admin office should last no more than 2 hours. The campus walkthroughs will start immediately after.

Will conference participants need any type of ID?

All participants will need to provide a valid driver’s license to check in with reception. There will be a sign-in and sign-out sheet for the actual conference that each attendee will need to use. No other ID is required.

If we would like to bid how can we obtain bid docs?

All bid documentation can be obtained on our website at https://www.trinitybasin.com/rfp and then selecting the relevant C1 or C2 RFP. If there is additional documentation requests those can be made at our bidder’s conference on 10/31 (details within the RFP’s) or by emailing rfpresponses@trinitybasin.net.

Do the new connections (laterals) overlay your existing switched WAN?

That is a design/solution that TBP would accept but TBP is open to the laterals replacing the existing WAN (pending cost effectiveness and the solution fitting the desired requirements). The Network Topology - Desired document is drawn with the lateral connections overlaying the existing WAN connections.

The Desired topology diagram does not show the connection between 831 W 10th street Suite B, and the other 831 W 10th street connection. Would TBP consider a response that does not include the connection between 831 W 10th street suite B and the other 831 w 10th street office?


Is 855 E 8th the same as Jefferson in the Desired Network Topology diagram?


Are you wanting the WAN to augment current architecture or be separate?

We are open to augmenting with our current ELAN architecture, or separate.

Are you wanting anything provided for 400 S Zang?

No, at this time we are not requesting anything for 400 S Zang (administration building).